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Happy Sunday friends. Ours is slowly coming to an end. Jace is already asleep and I’m trying to not dread the long week ahead. Today Jace and I went to the Sea Life aquarium in Tempe with our friends Sarah and James (and Anthony) … it’s really not that big of an aquarium, so thank God for the jungle gym after! And Jace made it out just in time before some little girl peed all over in it, hahahaha. In other news, Mr. Jace is our newest helper around the house. He throws his own diapers away, throws trash away, sweeps the floor, feeds the dogs, puts his dirty clothes in the hamper, stacks his books and even helps load the dishwasher (see above!).  He is such a cool kid. Every day he wants to do something we do and usually does. I’m even starting to bring him in the kitchen more to help me mix and bake! Well, as you can probably guess, I’m here to share what brought me joy last week, and since Jace brings joy to my life basically every time I’m around him, I tried to get creative with the joyful moments I found in other parts of my every day:

1. A new planner from my boss. I just recently finished the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and am now incredibly inspired to become more organized and proactive. I even wrote my very own mission statement. Perhaps I’ll share that sometime soon, once I finalize it.


2. Lunch at Federal Pizza with our ad agency.

thumb_IMG_6623_10243. Groceries. Food in my house is the best feeling!


4. Oh, and this new sweater I picked up at H&M today ..


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