James Bay

I’m definitely one of those people who obsess. I find something I like and I don’t leave it alone. Hence my relationship with Robby. I saw him. I liked him. I stalked him. The rest. Any way, I heard “Hold Back the River” by James Bay in a Purre Barre class and immediately had to download the song after. I even sing it to Jace at bedtime. Then I Googled him to find out his age, home town, love life, blah blah. Then I listened to his album on Spotify. Then I bought it. Then I searched his Tour dates. Then I booked 3 tickets for November. Ha. Then I started watching his You Tube channel and searching for acoustic videos. This is sort of how I get with new music (and any celebrity crush that I have at the time, but I won’t even go there). I can’t wait to see him live!!

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