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Easter Joy

Our Easter was so wonderful, and very special to us. Maybe because we started a new tradition, or were so moved by the message at Vintage Faith on Sunday. I can’t stop singing “You are my joy, my joy” by Josh Fox. It’s so true.

I was feeling something extra delicious for Easter. . . Carrot cake is one of my favorite desserts of ALL time, yet I’ve never made one. So, since we were spending Easter just the two of us, I decided to go all out and make it from scratch. I used Joy the Baker’s Kitchen Sink Carrot Cake recipe {including her cream cheese frosting}, and  somehow followed it perfectly because it was seriously the best carrot cake I’ve ever had — and I made it! I think I just started a new Johannes tradition! We couldn’t stop laughing at the goodness that was going on in our mouths.

Thought these were very Easter-themed and Springy. We missed our families a lot this Easter, but I’m glad we had each other, along with good food, cake, prayer and snuggles to console us. A great Easter in my book.

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