Jace at 4 months

This little guy just turned 4 months, and jeez, what a lover. Pretty sure he knows what a kiss is because everything we come towards his face to smooch him he opens his mouth up really big for a kiss. That or he’s trying to suck on our faces, haha. He’s a big sucker! But he refuses to take his binkie. He’ll suck on anything he can get his hands on BUT that. He’s rolling over now, and starting to grasp things more. He’s really good at pulling on my hair and not letting go {ouch!}. Tummy time is still a little rough but he’s getting better at balancing in his bumbo and on our laps and while we holds his arms for him to stand. He’s drawn to all kinds of weird noises. I feel like we’re making crazy noises all day long, just to keep him entertained. Right now he likes monkey sounds, lips smacking like you’re eating with your mouth open and hearty laughter, which usually gets him giggling. Baths and swings in the carseat are his favorite. I must tell you, it’s hard not to shower him with kisses every time I’m around him. I basically make out with his face, ha. We are having the absolute best time with Jace right now. We’re so in love.

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  • Reply Sis June 7, 2014 at 3:40 am

    Can’t wait to hold him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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