Cher Joy

Things to share!

What brought me joy this last week?? Oh, my! So much! For one, my sister got engaged! And I am of course beyond excited for her and her man Kevin and all the wonderful things that are to come this year for them. She is blowing my mind with all her life changes lately but it’s all amazing and I’m so happy she’s happy!! And I can’t wait to be an Auntie. But first, lots of celebrating and showering to do for this sister of mine. Can’t wait! Congrats sister!!!

A friend sent me the sweetest care package (Kristin!!) this week, to my surprise! Now I just need to find time to pamper myself.  My Birchbox also came in this week, too which is always a treat. Double the beauty this week, yay!

Friday we popped some popcorn and went for a sunset walk on the beach. What a beautiful night. Seeing Jace climb the sand mounds and hit balls, Walker’s skeptical face and beachy pull over, and Rob’s muscles ;) .. can’t get any better if you ask me.

Last but not least, my absolutely lovely tea party baby shower, thrown by my best friend Heather. More to come on that, but she really is the sweetest friend and always makes things so special with her Heather-ly touch. And afternoon tea with my girls was just what I needed. I even washed my hair for it! And now I have lots of diapers for baby #3, which we needed desperately!

Jace Face Friday

“I miss the weekend”

On Monday night Jace looked up at me and said “I miss the weekend.” Don’t we all sweetheart! He’s only 4 and he already knows so much about life hahaha. Jace could play and snuggle and snack and veg all day every day if he could. But then, what would weekends be for!! He also loves beach days and we had a pretty awesome one just this past weekend. He wanted to be buried like 10 times, and run from the waves all day.

Cheryl, Pregnancy

37 weeks with #3

I’ve been living in this Sonnet James Sample Sale dress for weeks now. I wear it. Wash it. And put in on. And then do it all over again. It’s so soft and stretchy. I just hope it doesn’t stretch out too much from my big 37 week baby belly! But gosh, I’m at the end basically. It’s been a crazy year when I look back. These last almost 9 months have flown by living back in Cali and so much adjusting and change for all of us. Walker was walking by 11 months, Jace started preschool, I started a work from home gig, Rob is taking on online school, ACE training and a commute over the hill to work .. lots of exciting things for our extended family too, like a movie release for my father-in-law, college graduation for my sis-in-law, my sister getting pregnant and engaged, friends getting pregnant and coming up my Dad turns 60! 6-0! And now it’s almost go time for our third. I have a list of items I still need to order, we need to pick up a crib from some friends, make daycare decisions, and figure out maternity leave. Just feeling slightly overwhelmed, can you tell? But I’m close to my end. It hurts to sleep, it hurts to walk. My back throbs. I can’t reach my toes and I can’t slow down. #3 is definitely different from #1. I don’t remember the last time I even sat down to watch something I wanted to watch. Or stayed up for something other than dishes and lunch packing. I think my universe will feel a lot better – my body for sure – once this little man is on the outside world. Until then, I’ll be rubbing bio oil all over my stretching sides and pushing through each day with my swollen ankles. 

Cheryl, Life

Mom in progress

I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t keep my cool lately, and it’s eating me up inside. Every morning I’m stressed with getting our life together and out the door on time. I’m quick to irritate and lose my patience. I dare say I have quite the temper these days. When it takes me asking Jace 5 times to do something before I have to use my stern, mean, mom voice or when he decides to have a meltdown in the most inopportune time when I really need us to get situated in or out of the van, is when I blow my lid. Continue Reading

Friends, Pregnancy, Walker Wednesday

Walker turns uno + his first fiesta!

Our little Walker baby is officially a year old. And it was, without a doubt, the fastest year of my life. How is this little second babe of ours one??!! I never imagined that we could love a second as much as our first, but the love is so deep and so real. Walker is absolutely delicious and such a pleasure to be around. Seeing how different he is from Jace just warms my heart. I’m pretty sure he’s going to be our sky-diving, never settle down, heartbreaking adventurer. This kid doesn’t stop moving. There was no chance of over stimulating him on his birthday either. He actually out partied us all, and was up late playing with his new birthday hoop game, running circles around the downstairs, snacking late and laughing himself into our arms over and over again. So much heart and soul, and those eyes!

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