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Saying goodbye to California.

BigSurThe decision to move back to Arizona was a hard one. We both had good jobs in California. Good friends. Good landlords. Good weather. But family won us over in the end. So, we started making all of the arrangements to move, and soon the weekend came for Rob to go back to start his new job, and it was our last weekend in California together. So, for Valentine’s Day we went for a drive along the coast. We opened the moon roof, we put the Summer Mix CD in .. we took in the ocean air and California smells one last time together,  and said goodbye. The ocean road took us to Big Sur for most of the day. We stopped at McWay Falls for an easy hike along the ocean. After, we stopped at Nepenthe to watch the sun set over the water. God must have known we were saying goodbye because he gave us the bluest sky that day. The air was warm, with a small chill around evening. Big Sur was busy with adventure seekers for the long holiday weekend, every hotel along the 1 was occupied. So many people outdoors, enjoying all the beauty California has to offer. The landscape so alive and green, on the verge of Spring. In case you can’t already tell, I’m going to desperately miss California and how gorgeous and grand it is. How green and fresh it is. The air, the jasmine, the grass, the fields of wildflowers, the trees that crawl the ocean cliff and the coastal oaks in Aptos, the sound of the waves. I’m going to miss the slow life and the sunsets. But most of all, I think I’m going to miss the life that we had begun to build. Right now it’s time to be close to family, but this life of mine isn’t over. So, California. I’ll be back. I promise you. And trust me, when I set my mind to something, it happens. Thank you God, and California for a wonderful 3 years of adventures to Tahoe, Sonoma, Napa, San Francisco, Half Moon Bay and more.

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