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I’m back!

Well, we are in Santa Cruz and all settled in! And I must say, it’s absolutely breathtaking. Crystal-clear, cold mornings, fragrant flower beds, the smell of the ocean, sand in your feet, locally churned ice-cream… Shall I go on?

My Dad and sister made the drive up with us to help us unpack and get situated. And we’re so happy they did. This past weekend is one we’ll certainly remember always. We basically spent every minute together and it was wonderful. Once all the boxes were unpacked, we spent the rest of the weekend driving around. Saturday we spent the day around Monterey Bay. My Dad wanted to see Pebble Beach and the redwoods. So, we did!

Before we did the scenic, 17-mile road drive, we stopped first at the Spanish Bay Inn for cocktails and the ocean view on the patio.

Then we continued on the coastal drive.

We finally got to Pebble Beach. My Dad was ecstatic to be on the 18th hole (or near it).

Before they flew back on Sunday, we went for a walk through the redwoods.

I was sad to see them go. They were so kind to have made the trip up and did so much to help us get settled in to our little cottage in the hills. Did I mention that we can see the ocean as we come out of our driveway? Well, we can. Again, it’s a little surreal up here.

Thanks Pam and Dad for all your help!!!

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  • Reply pam March 12, 2012 at 2:48 am

    Had a great weekend!! I miss you!!!

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