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15 years!

I’m up early this morning, about to make some pancakes and coffee. My guys aren’t up yet. The house is sort of dark, the A/C is blastin’. Thought I’d share a little joy this morning. August is already done, and now we’re into one of my favorite months! This month I turn 33, and this month Rob and I celebrate 15 years together. 15 years. Holy crap. I’ve been wtih this man for 15 years of my life, almost half my life. That is so crazy to think about. But wow, what a good 15 years. So much to reflect on when I really think about it. Some of my favorite memories include: our wedding dayour dogs, our trip to Europe, moving to California, drinking wine in Sonoma, a wedding anniversary in Tahoe, my Big Sur-prise, SundaysChristmases together, Hawaii, buying our first house, and oh, yeah, having a baby and all the fun of raising a babe along the way! I could go on recapping all our times and years together, but don’t have stories or photos for everything. Just what I have here on this old blog. Which reminds me, having this blog makes me so dang thankful because I’ve really captured a lot over the years. and I really to need to get back to it. All the memories and pictures and random rabblings I’ve done really take me back. Everything being documented in a little way is so nice. It’s very different from a written journal. I can search and just get lost in looking at old pictures. But really, I’m so blessed to have spent the last 15 years with this man. We’re doing it. Living this life together, working through anything that comes our way and still planning for the future. I love you, Rob.

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